Microsoft’s first Linux product has an Internet of Things air

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Some time ago, it seemed unreal to see a Linux product being released with Microsoft’s stamp, but nothing is for granted in technology.

Azure Sphere is the new Microsoft product, which contains a Linux kernel and is designed to be installed on Internet of Things devices, while ensuring their security against threats of any kind. Microsoft aspires to create an ecosystem of devices that have inside the Azure Sphere chips that they can communicate seamlessly and securely with each other.

Azure Sphere’s ecosystem consists of the Azure Sphere OS, which is essentially a Linux distribution, a micro controller unit, a MCU as it named, as well as a cloud-based security service. MediaTek has already released an MCU, the MT3620 processor, which is clocked at 500 MHz. One of the basic features of Azure Sphere components is that there is built-in connectivity everywhere.

Microsoft has set Azure Sphere in private beta, and by mid-2018 it is estimated that it will have a ready-made product that it can make available to the public.



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